Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When Yuppies Go to Huntsville

Finals are over and updates overdue! Status:

We have lost half of our partners and are now cut down to a party of three: Christopher Patino, Zach Kofi, and I. I feel relief.

The USS Enterprise has been fully assembled and outfitted with camping gear and I'm ready to roll. I leave May 15th on a 500-mile solo trip to meet Patino in Huntsville, whereupon we will begin the journey proper. I'll be taking a pretty leisurely pace (about 50mi/day) for this leg, which is fortunate -- I leave in 10 days and I'm totally untrained. Until I leave it's eat, sleep, and erg; if I can survive a few 20km erg sessions I'll feel a lot better about the prospect of climbing 10,000 feet (several times) and riding 3000 miles in the next couple of months.

Below is my route for the leg to Huntsville.

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