Monday, April 12, 2010

Beans En Regalia

Proper nutrition is key to an effective training regimen. What better way to achieve it than consuming gallons of bison-bacon-pork chili? There's nothing like some habanero to wash the sinuses out after hours of soaking them in spring pollen. If we all ate like this there'd be vomitoria in every house. I'm going to miss food like this on the road, but in the meantime I indulge myself.

While installing my Tubus front rack, I snapped one of the mounting bolts off in my front fork. I need to take it to the bike shop to get the bolt drilled out and the mount re-threaded. This is my new greatest fear for the tour -- with a disabled frame mount on either frame I can't mount two panniers full of crap on my bike, and the nearest bike shop could be a hundred miles away. Maybe all the torque-obsessed bike nerds were right. Don't overtighten.

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  1. I should have read this BEFORE I put together my new indoor bike rack. The horizontal arms (that the bike rests on) screw into the vertical frame, and I just overtightened one, stripped it out, and rendered it useless. Can't really hang a bike on just one arm, so now I have a useless bike rack, with a bike leaning against it. Meh.